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Available Services

Swedish/Relaxation Massage 60-120 Minutes

 Minimal talking, low lights, small candle, soft music, light to firm pressure - everything you need to drift away from your worries. Choose this option if you just want to relax while I soothe sore and tight muscles. 

Prenatal Massage

60-90 Minutes

The life growing inside you is precious, and so is your health. Prenatal massage is light to firm relaxing pressure with special pillows to ensure your comfort. 
Please be advised that if you have struggled with fertility, it may be best to defer a massage until the second trimester. I do not charge extra for this service.

Therapeutic Massage

60-120 Minutes

Therapeutic differs from Swedish in that this session is not relaxation based. A variety of modalities will be used to treat various muscular issues and injuries to reduce pain, increase circulation and mobility, and help improve function. Pressure varies from light to firm. Modalities include: Neuromuscular Therapy; Positional Release; Trigger Point Therapy; Myofascial Release.

Gua Sha Add-On Treatment

Gua Sha is a form of traditional Chinese medicine whose practice is still used by families today to treat soft tissue pain and dysfunction. My technique differs in that my goal is not the bruising pattern you see in TCM sessions, but instead to use them as extensions of my hands to perform what is known as "soft tissue mobilization" to break up scar tissue, adhesions (stuck together tissue layers, usually from trauma), and bring circulation to areas experiencing chronic pain.

Medical Massage/Massage With Rx

60-90 Minutes

This option is for clients who receive a prescription for massage therapy ONLY. Client must email a copy of the prescription to with the heading "Massage Prescription <insert name>" before eligibility can be determined. Valid for current prescriptions only.

Hemp or Sombra Pain Relief Add-on

I use a full spectrum hemp product that contains .3% or less THC and apply it to 1 or 2 areas experiencing pain to maximize the benefit of your massage. For clients who do not wish to smell "like weed" I offer the product Sombra. Both products are all natural and contain no petroleum products. For allergy information, contact me by email and I will refer you to the company websites for either product. 

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